At Urban Timber Harvest we build pieces that feature live edges and detail grain that only urban timber itself can provide. Because we harvest, mill, and process our own lumber, we have the ability to accentuate special features in each piece and bring a distinctiveness you cannot find in a retail lumber yard. 
While most commercial sawmills saw for grade, we saw for character. 
Each slab we mill has unique character. It is our goal to accentuate this unique beauty as we design and build each piece using quality craftsmanship that will last for generations. 
Detail-Oriented Design
Most of our furniture is made to order, with select pieces available for purchase in our online store.  We work collaboratively with our clients to select the perfect slab for your space. We take a detail oriented approach to design, and are always happy to share the process with our clients. It is our goal to create furniture with meaningful design that sparks conversation and connects the community. 
Durable Craftsmanship
We are passionate about crafting durable furniture that lasts. All of our furniture is made from locally sourced trees, which we then process into solid wood slabs. We consider it a privilege to be able to build furniture from trees that may have lived a 100 years, and our aim is to honor that tree by building furniture that will last another 100 more. 
Whether your space is residential or commercial, we can leverage the beauty of urban lumber to enhance the design or uniqueness of your space.