What Happens to Our Trees When They Die?

We all enjoy our trees.
They give us shade, beauty, and curb appeal. They give our little ones something to climb and play under. They even give us cooler climate in those hot Texas summers, and help with climate change. 
But what happens when they die?
Well for most of us, our trees become a big expensive problem when they die. Maybe even a safety concern if they start dropping limbs or are at risk of falling. For safety, be on the lookout for rot on your tree. Rot and decay is always an indication that your tree may be at risk of falling or dropping limbs. Once a tree begins to decline and die, the wood fibers will begin to break down and decompose. It is at this point that the strength of the wood is lost, and whether it is a limb or the tree entirely, it is then at risk of falling. 

If you see any of these signs of decline, it may be time to contact your local arborist and urban sawmill for removal. 

But then what happens to my tree?
Once removed, most trees end up going to the landfill, where they are mulched. Depending on the species, firewood may be produced. But there may be a better option. At Urban Timber Harvest, what we can offer for your tree is a second life that preserves the beauty of your tree through custom furniture and sustainable design.

At Urban Timber Harvest, what we can offer for your tree is a second life that preserves the beauty of your tree through custom furniture and sustainable design.

Any other urban wood company can do the same. We work with local arborists in harvesting your tree through the removal process. The critical point for having your tree harvested is notifying your arborist of your intentions before the tree is removed. You will want to work with your local urban sawmill beforehand as well, so that they can schedule to pick up your tree once it is on the ground. Planning is key to make certain your tree isn’t cut into smaller pieces up by the tree service - these smaller pieces are almost impossible for us to mill. It is also important to avoid having a log laying in your yard for an extended period of time. Often times, we can be there to pick up your tree as soon as it is on the ground. 
What are your options once we harvest the tree?
First and foremost, if you want to ensure your tree is repurposed and has a great second life, we gladly accept tree donations and will utilize it in one of our many projects. Once picked up, we love sharing with the original owner the journey of your tree to custom furniture.

If you want to take it a step further and use all or some of the wood from your tree for personal build projects for your family, we offer sawmill and kiln-drying services. And last but certainly not least, we can also build custom furnishings for you using that meaningful tree that came out of your yard. Who wouldn’t love a custom dining table that will last a lifetime and has an incredible story rooted in your family’s heritage? Now that is tree to table.

Now that is tree to table. 

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