An Urban Sawmill with Inspired Beginnings

The beauty of a tree doesn’t have to end when it’s life does. 

After forming a bond through a passion for woodworking, Chad Ham and I created Urban Timber Harvest when we felt we saw a need in our community. As woodworkers, we see the value in wood and see the beauty and usefulness of trees. We began to notice the number of trees that were being mulched and en route to the land fill.  Large trees. Beautiful trees. Trees with character and history. Trees that people cared about, but were quickly viewed as waste once they had died or were in the way of new development. We were surprised to see that there were no resources in North Texas with a focus on recycling these trees into something significant once they were removed. ZERO COMPANIES. 

These were the early seeds to what we have built today. We began to fill the void by harvesting and recycling local trees. Fast forward almost 3 years, and we now operate a fully-integrated urban lumber business with a focus on sustainability, natural integrity and meaningful design.

Today our mission is simple: make the best use of our local trees to provide a unique story for our clients.

 There are a number of services we offer to accomplish this mission:


Harvest logs and process them for retail slab sales or for use in our build projects. For the sake of sustainability, we typically pick up logs free of charge, often saving these trees from a second life as mulch, firewood or garbage.


Mill logs for clients that have lost their tree. We offer custom sawmill services for clients, whether at our location, or using our mobile sawmill. We also offer dry kiln services in our state-of-the-art vacuum kiln. 


Create custom furniture and architectural elements from our Design + Build process. By using our locally harvested urban trees, we are able to highlight the natural character and uniqueness of the species found in our urban forests, character you cannot find in mass-produced, retail lumber.

Our “tree to table” process sets us apart from other woodworkers in area, and it has been rewarding to hear from so many people that they value what we are doing. We enjoy connecting with people who love trees and woodworking the way we do, as well as those with a heart for well-crafted, sustainable furniture with an incredible story. Please reach out to us if you have a need we can meet or if you simply want additional information on our services.

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