Do you have a tree that has died, fallen, or been removed for construction and you don’t want it to end up in the dump? Whether the tree is laying in the yard or just scheduled for removal, we may be able to harvest it. We harvest logs completely free of charge.

Trees are removed for a variety of reasons: natural mortality, disease or insect damage, new construction, root damage to sidewalks or foundations, or storm damage. But instead of downed urban trees becoming mulch or sitting in a landfill, we mill them to create quality, sustainable lumber and slabs.

NOTE: We are not a tree service or tree removal company. Rather, we work in conjunction with other businesses as the tree is being removed. We typically work with cities and municipalities, construction companies, land developers, home builders, arborists and tree removal professionals, land and home owners, woodworkers and carpenters, architects, interior designers, and commercial business owners.

Harvesting Qualifications

Listed below is a general set of guidelines, although not the gospel when it comes to determining whether trees are good candidates for harvesting and milling. When in doubt, reach out! We are always happy to chat about your trees.

Ash | Cedar | Elm | Honey Locust | Maple | Oak | Pecan | Sycamore | Walnut


      6 or more feet of trunk

      • Straight or gradual curve in log
      • No obvious rot
      • Live or very recently dead when removed
      • Will accept shorter logs if they contain burls or crotch wood
      • Nearly any large hardwood is desirable

        Hourly Milling

        Using our Woodmizer LT-15 wide, we can mill trees up to 36" in diameter.

        • Cut Capacity 36" x 20'
        • Must be milled on Urban Timber Harvest premises.

        Using our Alaskan Chainsaw Mill, we can mill trees up to 54" in diameter.

        • Cut Capacity 54" x 11'
        • Onsite milling available.